24 February 2005: signing of an interregional cooperation agreement

The Brussels Capital Region, the Walloon Region, the Flemish Region, the Flemish Community, the German-speaking Community and the French Community Commission signed an interregional cooperation agreement. The aim of this programme was to promote greater mobility of employment and training between regions.

Since then, VDAB, Le Forem, ACTIRIS, Bruxelles Formation and Arbeitsamt der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft (ADG) have worked closely together with the aim of integrating as many jobseekers as possible into the labour market and encouraging their mobility.

Various means are considered and encourage services to:

  • Exchange job offers more intensively;
  • Raise awareness of interregional mobility among jobseekers and employers;
  • Promote and organise together language courses and training activities related to interregional mobility;
  • Ensure consistancy of occupations and job titles in order to improve the exchange of information and guarantee better transparency of the job market;
  • Cooperate in the reintegration of workers who are victims of collective redundancies;
  • Initiate specific actions between Brussels and the periphery.

3 July 2007: creation of SYNERJOB non-profit association

The Belgian Public Employment and Training Services created SYNERJOB non-profit association which enriches the themes addressed, in order to adapt to the evolution of the labour market.
The Board of Directors, which brings together the senior officials of SYNERJOB members, meets several times a year to discuss new projects, support ongoing actions and monitor the progress of working groups. Synerjob entrusts these groups to tackle specific themes such as the Youth Guarantee or the 6th Reform of the State.
On the 1st July 2016, Le Forem succeeded VDAB as President of SYNERJOB. Since then, a permanent secretariat manages the interactions between SYNERJOB members.