European network of public employment services (ENPES)


European public employment services work together through the European network of public employment services.
Within this framework, each SYNERJOB member represents its own institution in the work carried out within the ENPES network.
Members inform each other of their position on a particular matter and discuss it at joint meetings.
Fons Leroy, General Administrator of the VDAB, will chair ENPES until September 2020.

ENPES website

World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES)


WAPES brings together public employment services from around the world (Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Middle East and Arab countries).
SYNERJOB has been organising the Executive Secretariat of WAPES (located in Brussels) for several years and through this function intends to play a decisive role in strengthening PES, the WAPES network and relations between PES
SYNERJOB has also invested heavily in defining WAPES long-term strategy which will guide the Association's activities for the coming months and years.

WAPES website